Hasidic New Wave

When five Downtown New York improvisers with deep roots in the jazz
tradition embrace the Hasidic musical legacy and the scintillating rhythms
of the holy land, a new voice emerges. Blending together an intense
mixture of ethnic and cosmopolitan sounds, Hasidic New Wave fuses spiritual
songs from Hasidic dynasties to funk and jazz, Arabic dances with
avant-garde rock, and juxtaposes horas and freylekhs with sheer
improvisation. Hasidic New Wave's alternatingly ecstatic and meditative
performances, imbued (as is consistent with Hasidic tradition) with joy and
passion, has led critics to liken the band to Sun Ra meets Jimi Hendrix at
a Jewish wedding and exclaim HNW marries Hasidic music to avant-jazz,
spinning traditional Jewish celebratory songs into extended Jazz
improvisations that incorporate ferocious horn blowing and raucous electric
guitar solos.

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